Grooms Cake

Grooms Cakes

A Grooms cake is optional, but with it brings lots of creativity and fun! Traditionally, the groom’s cake is a gift from the bride which reflects his personality and interests. It can be a surprise or he can help you pick out his themed cake. According to the legend, if a single woman brings a slice of grooms cake home and sleeps with it under her pillow that night (I know, kind of gross), she’ll dream about her future husband…We recommend eating your slice!<br /> A Groom’s cake can range from a traditional cake (chocolate and vanilla) to 3D cakes that feature red velvet, carrot cake, Italian cream cake and more! Groom’s cakes are most fun when you design the cake around his hobbies and interests. For example: Texas A&M or University of Texas Cake, Stadium Cakes, NFL Team Cakes, Hunting Cakes, Duck Cakes, Fishing Cakes, Crawfish Cakes and even Poker Cakes. Our Bavarian Cheesecake Chocolate is also a great option.

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