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Moist Yellow Cake with Bavarian Vanilla Cheesecake center with Vanilla Whipped Frosting


Rich Chocolate with Chocolate Bavarian Cheesecake center with Chocolate Whipped Frosting

Other flavors can be crafted with this cake for a truly unique cake. Additional charge may apply.

Wedding White

Groom’s favorite chocolate

Buttery Yellow

Southern Almond

Red Velvet

German Chocolate

Sassy Strawberry

Banana Nut


Italian Crème

Luscious Lemon

Holiday Spice

Rum or Grand Manier

Crazy Confetti

*Cupcakes can also be stuffed with any of the below fillings for an additional charge. Traditional cakes come with choice of filling



Red Raspberry


Key Lime


Delicate Apricot



Mandarin Orange

Cream Cheese


Buttercream(fresh vanilla or chocolate)


*all fruit fillings can be mixed with our cream cheese filling for a more distinct creamy flavor. If you are a “plain Jane”….just stick with the buttercream of your choice or cream cheese. It’s your cake!

Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter decorated with up to three colors.

With drizzle or bride & tuxedo

We are happy to schedule a consultation to design your special event cake. We do birthday, corporate event cakes, quinceanera’s, graduations, wedding and baby shower cakes and corporate event. The prices are reflected to the size, shapes, colors and designs. Due to our high wedding event schedule we may not always be able to accommodate your date, so make sure and call for availability first.

1 week notice.   All cakes must be prepaid with a credit card.   Additional requested detail will add additional charges.  No charge for inscribing.  Orders must be picked up on Tues-Fridays and any cancellations or changes within 72 business hours will be subject to a change or cancellation fee.

Bavarian Cheesecake 4×8 (up to 15 servings)

Vanilla or Chocolate

Bavarian Cheesecake 8×8 (up to 30 servings)

Vanilla or Chocolate

3-layer 8″ Plain Jane Cake

Serves 12-16. Our moist white cake layered with fresh vanilla buttercream or your choice of strawberry cream cheese , southern lemon or raspberry cream cheese filling.

3-layer 8″ Southern Red Velvet Cake

Serves 12-16. Red Velvet cake, cream cheese filling topped with cream cheese frosting. This is a naked cake. (aka: frosting free on the sides)

3-layer 8″ Italian Cream Cake

Serves 12-16. Moist Pecan cake, cream cheese filling, buttercream topped and dusted with toasted pecans on the side.

3-layer 8″ German Chocolate Cake

Serves 12-16. Milk Chocolate Cake surrounded with pecan, coconut frosting, topped with fudge butter cream frosting.

Chocolate Chocolate

Rich chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting topped with chocolate gnache.

3-layer 8″ Grandma’s Yellow Cake

Serves 12-16. Moist butter yellow cake topped with fudge filling and drizzled with chocolate ganache

Need other sweet ideas? Dessert Stations, S’mores and Chocolate Fountains…just to name a few!

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Chocolate Encore

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